VITAMINS IN THE AIR REBION - Sprays to cleanse indoor air

Unique production of the region company - will protect You and your children from infections, will support immunity, will improve mood and health.... Spray up at several points of the room. Wait 5 seconds until the deposited particulate gel. Validity 4-6 hours, during which you can breathe deeply and enjoy the clean air at your home, office or hotel.


Air purifiers REBION are acting in 3 directions:

  1. Have a direct impact on the human body (activate the immune system, have a normalizing regulatory impact on the body as a whole).
  2. Normalize the ecosystem indoors (inhibit the growth and development of pathogenic bacteria, viruses and fungi).
  3. Physically improve the air quality in the room (clean the air from dust, moisturize).


  1. to strengthen the body's natural defenses
  2. for effective control of infections (viral, bacterial, fungal)
  3. to refresh, moisturize and purify the air from dust
  4. for regulatory of the impact of aromatherapy on the body
  5. to eliminate unpleasant odors (tobacco smoke, smell of animals, etc.))
  6. for unobtrusive aromatization with natural essential oils

Recommendations for use

  • Spray indoors 2-4 times a day. For maximum efficiency, it is recommended to use products before wet cleaning.

The mechanism of action on the human body

  1. When spraying the product, the room air is saturated with aerovitamins - essential oils and plant extracts.
  2. When breathing, bioregulators affect the olfactory receptors and thus act on the nervous system, then with the air the bioregulators enter the lungs, from there into the bloodstream and thus have a complex effect on the body as a whole. It has been proven that REBION AEROVITAMINS stimulate cellular immunity, activate macrophages and the production of gamma-interferon, thus helping the body to timely block infections at the first stage of penetration, regardless of the location of the focus of infection.
  3. With localization of the infection in the respiratory system (acute respiratory viral infections, influenza, colds, tonsillitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, tuberculosis, aspergillosis and others), essential oils have a powerful local antimicrobial effect, thus facilitating the body's fight against infection.

Essential oils are the most complex complexes, it is not only smells, but also physiological bioregulators of many vital processes. Volatile substances of plants act as aerovitamins. Therefore, they are capable of exerting a complex regulatory effect. The same is due to a powerful healing effect when a person rests in nature. The lack or complete absence of plants in industrial and residential premises leads to a deficiency of natural regulators in the air, which weakens the resistance of the human body, making it more vulnerable to the negative effects of microorganisms and viruses. In nature, this is how plants help keep a person in balance with the microworld. The use of REBION AERO VITAMINS compensates for the lack of volatile molecules from plants. This light aromatherapy effect (immuno-strengthening, tonic, relaxing, adaptogenic, etc.) is identical to a walk in nature in the resort area.