Virus blocker in the form of an icon or badge
Modern means of protection from viruses Virus blocker are a compact or badges cute badges are attached to clothes, bags, and accessories.

The stopper virus in the form of an icon is quite inexpensive, and protects reliably. It spreads around its owner chlorine dioxide molecules that are able to reduce the number of bacteria and viruses in the environment.






The radius (1 meter) and duration (1 month) of Badges and Badges are the SAME. The differences are only in appearance. The manufacturer does not recommend the use of badges during active childhood for safety reasons: an active child can get caught or entangled in the ribbon on which the badge is hung; an inquisitive child can cut or damage the packaging... The icon is anti-vandal and is not afraid of active children. At the same time, the Badge is more convenient to hang on the stroller or crib, if you are sure that the child will not reach it.



Which color to choose. decides, solely, your personal taste. The Icons have no other differences (except for the color of the insert).



VirusTotal in the closed state is stored for 1 year. After opening (regardless of the degree of use), VirusTotal valid for 1 month, then it must be replaced. Virologists are recommended for use all year round. Especially during epidemics. This is an individual protection, so one Badge or Badge is protection for one person.

Personal protective equipment against viruses and bacteria

As an individual means of protection against viruses and bacteria, you can use one of three models of virus scanners.

средства индивидуальной защиты от вирусов и бактерий


ECOM Air Mask+

- this is a model-badge, which is more suitable for teenagers and adults. The kit ECO Air Mask+ tape comes with a universal clip, with which VirusTotal can be hung on the neck or attach to your pocket. In addition, the tape has a protective mechanism by which the tape will break if a person caught her for any object.

ECOM Air Mask (blue) и ECOM Air Mask (pink)


models-icons for children, for boys with blue, for girls - with pink.

In virologists-badges disinfectant is in a dense package, and in virusstoperah-icons - in a plastic case, which provides additional protection and, in particular, will not allow inquisitive children to break it and ask about the contents.

Also, the icon is safer for the child, as in the process of active movements, he may accidentally catch the tape from the badge for any object.

These virus scanners are intended for external use. If they are simply put in a pocket or bag, the disinfection effect will decrease dramatically, as it will make it difficult for the molecules of the active substance to exit into the surrounding space.