VirusStopers - personal protective equipment in the form of a badge or icon. They can be carried with you to a kindergarten, school, university, office, gym, clinic, etc. Virusstopers protect a person’s respiratory tract from infection by airborne droplets.




Means of protection against bacteria and viruses of the ICOM brand (Japan):

Personal protective equipment

 - personal protective equipment in the form of a badge or badge. They can be worn with them to kindergarten, school, UNIVERSITY, office, gym, clinic etc. Virus stoppers protect the respiratory tract from ingress of infection that spreads by droplets.

Portable disinfectants

- compact boxes with disinfectant for cleaning air from pathogens in the room, Cabinet, refrigerator, car, etc.

Air cleaner


for complex cleaning of indoor air from pathogens, dust particles and harmful chemicals

An example of the use of products ECOM

использование ВирусСтопера

What will protect the respiratory tract from viruses and microbes?
One of the most common causes of the disease is getting into the respiratory tract infections from surrounding people.


Средства защиты дыхательных путей от вирусов и микробов.

Рис. 1. Средства защиты дыхательных путей от вирусов и микробов.

It's simple. To filter viruses that are extremely small in size, you need a filter material with very small cell sizes and its tight fit to the protected surface. But this, of course, will complicate the flow of air. The smaller the size of the material cells, the harder it will be to breathe through it.

For the effective protection of respiratory tract from bacteria and some viruses you can use respirators with a high degree of protection (FFP 2, FFP 3). Respirators are a means of individual protection of respiratory organs from aerosols and/or harmful particles of substances and gases. They are used in industry, medicine, emergency situations, military operations. But they make it very difficult to breath and create discomfort when using.

In addition to the above, filter bandages and masks cover part of the face and cause smiles of others, which creates a strong moral discomfort, especially in the fair sex.

When it comes to the protection of the respiratory tract from infection, what is really meant is a decrease in their concentration. The smaller it is, the faster and easier the body's defenses to cope with the infection, ceteris paribus. If my hand was a drop of boiling water, the impact will be insignificant in comparison with the case where the boiling water burned my whole hand. Reduce the concentration of viruses, bacteria, spores, allergens, etc. can not only by mechanical filtration, but also by disinfection. A well-known means of biological disinfection is garlic – a weighty argument against any infection.

A few cloves of garlic is cut into a plastic body kinder surprise, in which something is done a lot of holes. Next, this device is attached to the rope, hung around the child's neck and “armed” baby boldly goes to the garden to deal with germs. The effect is, but there are also a number of nuances in the form of strong and unpleasant smell, contraindications, etc. But in school appearance ”garlic” person can cause ridicule and misunderstanding, so adolescents and adults need to use something else is an effective, safe, not smelling, not cause inconvenience to others, not obstructing breathing, do not cover half the face.

We are glad to offer you a novelty:

Stopper virus

The development of Japanese scientists has already conquered Europe and finally appeared in our country!

 The principle of “garlic medallion” and virussweeper similar: in the first case, the microbes are killed from interaction with biologically active substances secreted into the space of the garlic, and in the second case molecules of the active chemicals are also emitted into the surrounding space. The virus stoppers have the form of a badge or badge. They are attached to clothing and disinfect the space within a radius of 1 meter for one month, significantly reducing the concentration of viruses and bacteria in the area of human respiration. In the open air because of the wind, the effectiveness of their action (like garlic) is small, but indoors they provide good protection against viruses and microbes.

Not want to get sick?

Don't want to breathe contaminated air?

Don't want to wear a respirator or a bandage?

Stopper virus
This is what you need! Take care of yourself and your loved ones - children, parents...!