Invisible when worn, comfortable and effective against pollen, dust, bacteria and viruses, smog, burning, aerosols... - especially shown in seasonal polinosis.

how to choose


Dry or Wet

If you use a handkerchief - you need a filter for the "wet" nose. As the situation can quickly change, and filters for "dry" and "wet" are NOT INTERCHANGEABLE nose, firm the manufacturer recommends to have both.


Big or Small

There is a relationship between nose size and Shoe size. Up to a size 39 - S; more 39 - filter of L. Therefore,

- if you are a child, teenager or woman with a foot size up to 39 - you need a  size Filter S.

- if you are a young man, a woman or a man with a foot size of 39 or more - you need a Filter size L.

These recommendations are, of course, conditional and not binding. We just tried to make it easier for you to choose a size based on standard data.


How much to buy

Filters are reusable, they should be washed under a stream of cool water at least once in 12 hours (more often) and can be used again, but no more than 10 days (7 days in the metropolis). The filter must then be replaced. Three pairs in a box. One box will last you for one month (three weeks in the metropolis).

Allergies it is recommended to purchase a set - both the nose mask and pit Stopper.



NEW! Respirators-INVISIBLE for the nose

The latest development of the Japanese international Institute of biotechnology, which has no analogues! Used to protect from various dusts (street, home, animal hair, construction, industrial) and aerosols, pollen and spores of plants, is especially important for people with allergies to different allergens coming from the air, people suffering from polynosis and hay fever, micro-organisms and viruses, smog, fumes, tobacco smoke, etc. In the package 3 PCs reusable Filters.

FROM ALLERGIES TO POLLEN AND DUST (ALLERGIC RHINITIS) for the prevention of INFLUENZA and other acute respiratory infections

Japanese antiallergic and antiviral invisible filters for nose (innovative invisible respirators / filters for nose from allergens (pollen, dust, aerosols), bacteria, viruses, smog and burning)


The Pit Stopper filter, which has no analogues in the world, in addition to air filtration, also blocks the runny nose with nasal congestion and allows the respirator carrier to breathe the purified air freely. Nose filters will be useful to anyone who for any reason is forced to wear a gauze bandage (for example, allergies, doctors and hospital visitors, employees of harmful industries and services, etc.). However, unlike gauze bandages, imperceptible respirators do not distinguish a person as a patient, and, accordingly, do not cause a negative reaction. You can use nose filters anywhere and anytime, as it is completely invisible. Also, invisible respirators can be used to prevent influenza, SARS and other diseases transmitted by air.

The invisible respirator is a filter respirator adapted specifically for placement in the nasal passage, taking into account all the anatomical features, the use of which marks a new era in the fight against allergies, as it creates a protective barrier, "works" directly at the site of the allergic reaction, on the nasal mucosa. And most importantly-eliminates the very cause of allergies, prevents contact and exposure to allergens on the mucous membrane of the nasopharynx. Effective against all air allergens — such as pollen plants, mites, household dust, animal hair, mushrooms, various chemicals and other harmful substances. The filter factor of 80-100%. Coefficient of resistance to air flow of 0%.